If moving from the USA to Europe, there are 50 countries to choose from. 800 million people. From the massive Russia to the tiny Vatican, or from chilly Finland to to the heat of Greece. 23 officially recognized languages and more than 60 indigenous regional and minority languages. Don’t forget to pack your phrasebook!

Moving to Europe from the USA is very easy.  Being one of our most common destinations, I Love Moving send many shipments to Europe every year. Whether you’re moving to Europe for work, school, reuniting family or just going home, at I Love Moving, our goal is to make your move to Europe as simple as possible. We at I Love Moving will protect your valued possessions, making sure they are packed well, inventoried correctly, and you can be sure our destination agents in Europe will treat you with the same care and attention you get from us. We offer insurance options to cover for any accidents on the water or on the ground.

You’ll be moving to place that’s very different from the USA and can expect to have some very special and unique experiences that will stay with you. You can now travel between European Union member states without a passport, making it easy to experience so many cultures all so close by. Each country with a unique language, culture and Food!

Many people are moving to Europe from the USA these days, often returning to their roots or their birthplace to reconnect with family and friends. There are many social welfare benefits to living in Europe. We at I Love Moving will take take of you and your goods, whether you’re moving to the UK for a year, a few months, your retirement or just moving back to your homeland.