Marine Insurance Application

I Love moving recommends that you purchase Marine Insurance. You may use any Marine Insurance broker or company of your own choice.

The following information is provided courtesy of IntlMOVE and will enable you to consider purchasing insurance coverage via Atlas Insurance.

IntlMOVE is not a part of Atlas Insurance or Lloyds and takes no responsibility of any kind if you choose to purchase their services.  IntlMOVE is neither an Insurance Company nor an Insurance Broker; we draw your attention to the disclaimer in your terms and condition covering IntlMOVEs role and waiving responsibilities, in case you decide to purchase Marine Insurance.

If you choose to purchase Marine Insurance, you will be required to complete and sign an Insurance Application.  Your properly filled and signed Insurance Application must be received at IntlMOVE offices at least two business days before your goods are picked up.

Important note:
If your Insurance Application is not received at IntlMOVE offices, two business days prior to your pick up date, your shipment will not be insured even though you ordered insurance.  If you paid for Insurance your account will be credited for the cost of the insurance less the $75 processing fee.

Marine Insurance types and their requirements

There are two Marine Insurance types:

  • Limited Cover also referred to as Total Loss
  • All Risk Cover also referred to as All Risk

Important note:
If any portion of your shipment is packed by you, the insurance company will only issue a Limited Cover policy, for the exact description please check the Insurance company documentation.

Only if the entire shipment is packed professionally by the pick up team, will the insurance company issue an All Risk Cover policy.

To obtain Insurance Application go to:

  • Go to Forms, choose Personal Effects Insurance, and choose Quotation Form.
  • Do not submit to Atlas Insurance.
  • Print the Quotation Form
  • Complete the first 4 pages and sign where required
  • Fax to 786-363-1451 or scan and email to

How to complete page 1 of the insurance application

  • Name of Mover: INTLMOVE
  • Mode of Shipment: SEA
  • Name of Ship/Plane:
  • Estimated Date of Shipment:
  • Pick up Date: Date of your Pick up
  • Shipment Packed in:
    – Individual container: if you have a designated container (FCL) for your shipment
    – Combined Container: if your shipment is a LCL (less than container load) shipment
  • Cover Type: Refer to description of Limited Risk / All Risk above.
  • Calculation of Inventory List: Total Page 2, Total Page 3, Total Page 4 = Total of Household Goods. (list all items to be insured with a realistic replacement value)
  • Shipping Charges: This is what IntlMOVE charge you for your move, it is optional to insure. If you choose not to insure the shipping charges, please enter 0.
  • Grand Total: The Total of Household Goods + Shipping Charges = Grand Total

Marine Insurance Cost:

  • The insurance rate is 2.5 % of your Grand Total also called Total Declared Value (TDV) + $75.00
  • This cost is the same for Limited Cover or All Risk Insurance.
  • The minimum insurance cost is $200.00
  • This minimum cost is for any TDV of up to and including $5,000
  • Any TDV over $5,000 will be charged at 2.5% of your TDV + $75.00.